The Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments is an association of local governments that is committed to identifying, securing, and coordinating local, regional, and federal government projects and programs for the enhancement of our region and member communities.

Transportation Research

INRCOG has conducted numerous studies to understand transportation needs in the MPO and RTA areas. Most notably, the Black Hawk County MPO was included as an add-on partner for the 2017 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS). Led by FHWA, the NHTS add-on survey gathered input from 1,221 households in the MPO area.

2017 NHTS Travel Profile of INRCOG MPO Area

2017 NHTS Travel Profile of United States

2017 NHTS Memo on Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

In recent years, INRCOG has taken an active role in researching the needs of underrepresented and vulnerable populations in the region. These studies are conducted in-house by INRCOG staff.

2020 Physical Activity Access Survey of Older Adults in Low-Income Housing

2015 Special Outreach Survey of Non-English Speaking and Homeless Residents

INRCOG staff gathers public input as part of larger planning processes. Please contact staff to discuss conducting a public input survey for your community, or to learn about existing data available.

2020 Passenger Transportation Survey of Human Service Agencies

2018 Black Hawk County Water Trails Master Plan Survey

2015 Pedestrian Master Plan Mail-Out Survey

2014 MPO Trail Count Report

Freight Planning

INRCOG provides technical assistance for freight planning activities in the MPO and RTA planning areas. Most recently, INRCOG worked directly with five jurisdictions to study freight needs in the Northeast Industrial Area in Black Hawk County. INRCOG is also an active participant in the IA Hwy 150 Coalition. Contact staff with questions about the Northeast Industrial Access Study or IA Hwy 150 Coalition.

Black Hawk County MPO Performance Measure Report 2021

The 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan provides the framework for the investment of anticipated transportation funds based on forecasted needs and regional goals and objectives. Based on four goals of the Plan, the MPO developed performance measures to monitor trends and track progress toward desired outcomes. This report provides historical data to gauge the region’s progress. Each performance measure corresponds to at least one goal in the 2045 Plan.

Additional Resources

Eastern Iowa Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan