The Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments is an association of local governments that is committed to identifying, securing, and coordinating local, regional, and federal government projects and programs for the enhancement of our region and member communities.

Performance Measures

The foundation of the MPO planning process is built upon performance-based planning and programming. This approach provides a link between short-term management and long-range decisions about policies and investments made for the transportation system. Performance measures are used by the MPO to:

The federal transportation bill, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, formalizes the performance-based planning process to ensure that State DOTs and MPOs invest in projects that collectively make progress towards seven National Goals established by Congress. State DOTs, MPOs, and transit providers are required to implement a performance-based planning and programming process by setting performance goals, measures, and targets, and coordinating to the maximum extent practicable to ensure consistency.

The Black Hawk County MPO continues to coordinate with the Iowa DOT and MET Transit to establish performance measure targets for the metropolitan area. The MPO has the option to adopt its own performance targets or support Iowa DOT/MET Transit targets. To date, the MPO has agreed to adopt Iowa DOT and MET Transit targets.

The tables below identify the most recent adoption date for each Performance Measures Target, and the approved targets.

Final Rule





Performance Measure


Pavement Condition
Bridge Condition

Travel Time Reliability
Freight Reliability

Transit Asset Management

Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan
Target Adoption Dates